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                                 Hello, and welcome to my little online home! I'm Rachael Leigh and I am a wedding and senior portrait photographer in Southwest Ohio! I do hope that you will grab a cup of coffee and enjoy viewing some of my latest work and getting a little sneak peek into life behind the scenes! 

March 24, 2020

Spring Church Wedding in Dayton, Ohio | Chad & Brooke


I’ve been excited to share these photos in the midst of this wild Coronavirus thing! And what a way to kick off the 2020 wedding season! Chad and Brooke’s small celebration on Saturday was such a gift in the midst of our new social-distancing normal! Aside from using hand sanitizer a little more often, it was just like any other wedding day! There was joy, celebration and most of all, Chad and Brooke are married!

Just two months ago at their engagement session, we were chatting about how quickly everything was coming and last minute details! We could’ve never guessed there would be a threat of their wedding day not going as planned! But when Saturday rolled around, you honestly wouldn’t have guessed anything had “gone wrong” or things had changed! The bridal suite was bustling and just as excited as normal! Brooke share THE SWEETEST first look with her dad before the ceremony and the whole day went off without a hitch! One of my favorite things I can still see so clearly is the moment the doors opened at the back of the church and Chad saw his bride coming down the aisle to meet him! It was beautiful!

There are so many more things I could say about their wedding! Truly! But the last thing I want to mention is the love that was evident throughout the day! Not only the love everyone came to celebrate, that was easily seen. More than that, love was showed by family who were so supportive and ready to do anything they could to make sure Chad and Brooke could get married! The friends who set up, tore down and were there every minute to just spread so much joy! It was such a good reminder that yes, weddings are to celebrate the joining of one couple in marriage! But they also celebrate all the people who supported that couple, love the couple and will walk alongside that couple in the years to come!

Enjoy a few of my favorites! Hopefully their a welcomed distraction to your current quarantined life!

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