You ever find yourself scrolling through IG or binging a resource about marketing that was supposed to be helpful, but it only left you feeling like your list just got 10 items longer?

More is more. That’s what every sign seems to be pointing to.

Email lists. Reels/TikTok. Facebook ads. Pinterest. And don’t even get me started on blogging or YouTube.

And then you create a constant slew of content to post on each of these platforms to stay “relevant” and be engaging to beat that terror of an algorithm. - yet all that work doesn't really lead to actual clients and so you begin the cycle all over again. It’s exhausting.

If only there were a way to know what marketing is best for you [and your clients] and say no to everything else. Confidently saying: “this is what works for me” and move on.

What if you could have a practical system that played to your strengths online, connected with the right clients and spread the renown of your brand all while fitting into your already full lifestyle?

you started with a purpose? an idea of how things could go & what you could do

AND with an intent to do something other than solely work 24/7, right?

But somewhere in the middle of building it, things just got a bit messy & haven't quite gone as planned.

You haven't given up though.
You've binged every tutorial and digital guide you could get your hands on.
Scrolled through countless social feeds of experts & educators.

Even got down and dirty with a notepad and a pen to attempt to put words to the very things that make you distinct as a business.

But, nothing stuck.
So, you kept trudging along.

Constantly creating content to keep up with that monster of an algorithm, hoping the right clients would stumble upon your work if you kept up with the features that IG threw their way, and kissing goodbye precious hours of your time to market & promote a brand that you didn’t quite feel 100% comfortable wearing in the first place.

lemme guess

Been doing all the things that experts have told you to but still feel like you just can’t “get it right”

Exhausted by constantly creating content that gets lost in the void 

Keeping up with the newest trends only to realize that doing the next big thing has you on a hamster wheel of pleasing people who don't even buy from you

Never feeling 100% comfortable & confident in your own skin as a business owner


any of these sound familiar?

It’s NOT a logo, color palette or a new website. 
And isn't only a course I’m handing you & saying “now go it alone”

This IS a roadmap to unearthing your business’s actual identity (definition of a brand right there) and how to leverage that through an overarching brand and marketing strategy. 

In The Brand Plan we focus on understanding the WHAT and WHY of your brand so that you’ll then have a firm foundation to build a sustainable marketing system from. 

One that plays to your strengths and cultivates genuine, repeatable conversations around your biz that build trust with your ideal clients and ultimately lead to sales.

This isn’t just another content calendar. 

believe me


- 2 Cohort Zoom Calls (+ bonus send off!)
- One 1-1 Call with Rachael
- Voxer Office Hours
+ Voxer Group for Masterminding and Community
- 2 Educational Companion Guides
- In-depth Brand Questionnaire
- Marketing Workbook
30 Day Action Guide


the nitty gritty here


- hannah

“I feel like I’m more connected to my business now than ever before” 

I’ve been a brand photographer for two solid years now. Obsessed with branding itself for even longer than that. And have found myself in so many conversations with both clients and friends over that period of time which kind of traced the same line - “I just can’t seem to figure it out. . .”

And they weren't alone in that either.

I'd traced the same line through my business for years before finally settling on a brand that I could fully embrace as my own.

It wasn't until I walked through the exact framework I teach in The Brand Plan that I could 100% wear my brand with confidence & thus reach for the stars in my business.

Never underestimate the power of understanding your purpose.

In TBP, I'll walk you through a series of questions to unearth that as well as all the other foundational elements of a strong brand.

Not only that, you'll gain the tools for putting that brand into action through a sustainable approach to marketing that plays to your strengths & brings more of your target audience knocking at your door.


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Here’s how TBP works

step one

start it Off with the Brand Strategy Cohort Call

Access opens to Brand Questionnaire & Companion Guide

step two:

Cohort Call #2 - Marketing Strategy

step three:


Call One is all about brand strategy - learning what it is & beginning to unearth your's. And by brand strategy I mean your: why/purpose, values, target audience, strengths, messaging & voice

unearthing a brand starts by digging deep. you'll walk through a series of questions that'll begin to put words to what your brand is. - & the companion guide is full of best practices & tips for if/when you get stuck

 I'll break down just how to create a marketing system that aids you in reaching your goals - without spending all your energy on social media.

Access Opens to marketing Workbook & Companion Guide

step four:

The workbook guides you through how to set a vision in your business & work backwards to curate a rhythm of marketing that works for your lifestyle & still brings in the clients you want to reach.

1-1 Call with Rachael

step five:

[each member gets one] - to work through all the both strategies & action plan. And together we'll connect the dots and pull together the finishing content of your Brand Plan

Final Send Off with your TBP Cohort

step six:

at the end of all this, we're going to celebrate! This final call will be our last hoorah as a group to affirm how far you've come & where you're headed next.

YOUR Brand Plan

final result

a Canva template to house your brand new, refined brand & marketing strategy

It starts with unearthing your brand's foundation - the inward stuff. Like your purpose, values, strengths, etc.

Then you'll define who your target audience really is and discover just how your brand can speak to them and create genuine, repeatable conversations that build trust and ultimately lead to sales which = more revenue,

Once that's set, we’ll dive into what a manageable marketing strategy actually looks like. We’re ditching the hustle mentality here to replace it with rhythms.

Rhythms begin with the base of cornerstone content your business needs to create in order to grow. Then work backward from there. These rhythms can ebb and flow with time, but the main aim is to give you a benchmark to achieve rather than a hard fast goal to fail or succeed at.

The best part? They're flexible according to the load of your current season of life & business.

The amount of places & things we can go or do to market our businesses online is endless.

 Choosing from that list? Well it feels like selecting a meal off of a menu that has too many options - anxiety-ridden and overwhelming.

We’ll extract feelings right out of that decision making process by taking your unique strengths [that you identified in the brand part] and then walking through a process to discover how you can infuse those right in to your marketing strategy - ie. identifying the platforms where you & your business will naturally stand out.

Once all that work is done, you'll get an action guide to put it all right into practice - because figuring these things out is only half the battle, ammiright?

tbp is a permission slip to know your brand & audience well & use that to confidently create a marketing system that works.

one that Says no to the constant hustle and still brings in the right type of clients.

that's a lot of words, i know. In its simplest form:


An understanding of what your business's purpose (why) truly is & HOW that influences what you do in business/marketing

Knowing WHAT makes your business different from all others & HOW to articulate that to attract the right type of clients

A new approach to marketing that plays to your unique strengths & doesn't solely consist of social media

An actual marketing system (plan) to implement in your business right away that'll empower you to show up consistently & effectively

Confidence in knowing your brand's story & how to invite others to be a part of it

YOUR Brand Plan - a document that details out your Brand's Strategy (purpose, values, strengths, target audience, messaging, voice, etc.) + your customized approach to Marketing that is directly influenced by your brand.

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what you'll walk away with:

- kasannah

"My clients can more easily discover what I am about, what I do, how and why. I'm also more able to show them and describe it to them."

payment plan

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all up front

option two


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the investment

one time payment of

the brand plan

select the plan that works for you


What am I going to learn?

Inside of TBP, you'll find:

- A framework to unearth the WHAT & WHY of your brand’s foundation & boot that idea of chronic “re-branding”
- Tools to discover the ultimate purpose behind why you do what you do & how to form that into a mantra for both you & your clients
- A way to know what marketing plays to your unique strengths & works for you and your clients so you can confidently say - “this is what works for me” and not worry about the rest.
- How to identify who your people (target audience) really are and what marketing strategies you need to use to find them - and ps, they’re not all Instagram

why an application?

Well, to get down to it, building a brand is not easy. And the best way to remedy a whole lot of that hard is by growing alongside others who are in a similar season of business to you! 

what is it not?

This is NOT a logo, color palette or a new website. This IS a roadmap to figuring out what your business’s actual identity is (definition of a brand right there) and how to leverage that through an overarching brand and marketing strategy.

how long will it run?

The program officially kicks off with the first Cohort Call the week of March 7th! And will run through to the final send off the week of April 8th! 

why a group setting?

Growing a solid brand isn’t for the faint of heart. And having a community around you to cheer you one when you get stuck, help you mastermind the right words to say what you really mean and be the accountability to push you through is one of the biggest reasons why The Brand Plan isn’t solely a course or a 1-1 program.

Not only will I [Rachael] be there to guide you through specific portions of the framework, you’ll also have your cohort who is journeying this road right alongside you.