I'm Rachael & welcome to my ever evolving corner of the internet! Here you'll find resources for brands and brides, as well as a peek into my life!


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I'm Rachael & welcome to my ever evolving corner of the internet! Here you'll find resources for brands and brides, as well as a peek into my life!

Honey Themed Boho Wedding at The Honey Farm in Lebanon, Ohio | Eric & Kelsey


Eric and Kelsey’s honey themed, bohemian dream type of wedding at The Honey Farm, it was . . . well where do I even start? I guess from the beginning! These two are the absolute sweetest and their daughter Mae, too! Their love for one another shone through in so many ways on Saturday! And one of the best things to witness was how their family and friends poured out their love and affection on them in so many ways throughout the day! When I arrived, the hustle and bustle of wedding prep was in full swing! Family and friends rushed around to help Kelsey accomplish her DIY vision! Her grandma put together the florals, her best friends set up the centerpieces and table displays just the way Kelsey wanted them and everything fell into place! The bridal suite was filled with that same servant-like energy and excitement! And the music pumped everyone up as the minutes drew closer to when Kelsey would walk down the aisle to meet her groom!

Typically when a couple joins the Rachael Leigh Fam, we get the chance to become fast friends! Between an engagement session, a few over the airwaves style coffee dates and multiple email convos, we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well! Well! At the end of their wedding day, I definitely felt that same connection with Eric & Kelsey and officially welcomed them into the Fam! The crazy part is, I walked into their wedding day without officially meeting them beforehand! Hold up! There’s a great reason why though!

You see, Eric & Kelsey were all set to get married in Hilton Head, SC about two weeks ago! That destination is well loved by this little fam and it’s actually the spot where Eric proposed! They dream of moving there one day so naturally, it became the best spot they could think of to become husband and wife! Then, Hurricane Dorian decided to make an appearance, forcing multiple towns to evacuate! Including Hilton Head! Unfortunately, that meant a cancelled beach, dream wedding for Eric & Kelsey!

Thankfully, they had already planned on hosting their reception celebration at The Honey Farm in Lebanon soon after they returned from Hilton Head! With a little rearranging this became the spot for the ceremony, too! I came in in the midst of the crazy replanning and I’m so glad that I was able to be the one to capture their day! Though I didn’t get the chance to walk them through the entire Wedding Experience, I loved getting to celebrate their day with them and to help make their Honey Farm wedding the wedding they’d dreamed of!!

There are so many more moments I could share with you and things I could tell you about Eric and Kelsey! How they’re amazing parents and how loved they are by all those around them! Between the ceremony officiated by Kelsey’s brother and the speeches given by both fathers and Eric & Kelsey’s siblings, the stories of these two and their love radiated! Like I said, I could go on and on! But, I’ll simply end this with a huge thank you! Eric & Kelsey, thanks for giving me the opportunity to be apart of this part of your story! Celebrating with y’all was such an honor and documenting it along the way was so special! I hope you enjoy (way too many) of my favorites from your day! Congratulations!!

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