Here you'll find the practical tips and strategies to aid you in growing a strong brand and a profitable, yet sustainable business!


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Here you'll find the practical tips and strategies to aid you in growing a strong brand and a profitable, yet sustainable business!

Styled Caesar Creek Engagement Pictures | Guy & Sam


*Be prepared for a long post!* Thought I should state that at the beginning! Ya know as a public service announcement! 😉 To say that I love this session would be an understatement! Sam pulled out all the stops in planning their dreamy, fall engagement pictures and you’ll see real quick that she knocked it outta the park! Y’all I think almost every one of these is “pinterest worthy” and to be honest, that’s hard to accomplish! But, we had all the ingredients to mix up that recipe for perfection. Glorious light, amazing colors, perfectly styled details & an amazing couple. Ya know though, despite all of the this, Sam & Guy are really the ones that made this session so special. Their love for each other, willingness to adventure and not to mention their cuteness! Okay, I’ve raved long enough! Let’s hear their story!

Sam and Guy are high school sweethearts and their proposal story is absolutely adorable! When Sam initially emailed me with all of the details, she sent over pictures from the night Guy proposed and y’all! He did so good! One night, Guy planned on taking Sam out to dinner and wanted her to meet him at his house. He asked her to go into the barn with him so that he could give her something before they headed out. Sam didn’t think twice about it because Guy likes to make her things all the time in his barn. They walked up to the barn door. Guy went in first and closed it behind him. Sam waited outside for a minute before Guy gave her the signal. She opened the door and revealed a pathway of roses leading up to a display lit up by twinkle lights. At the end of the path, spelled out in rose petals were the words “marry me?” and that’s where she found Guy on one knee.

See what I mean? From the first time we all met to the night we spent together at Caesar’s Creek for their engagement session. Each moment has proved just how much of a #rachaelleighcouple these two are! They love each other, care for people and aren’t afraid to show their adventurous side a little! I mean it’s not everyday that I have the chance to photograph a couple in a canoe on a lake, but these two? They planned it! I absolutely cannot wait to serve Guy and Sam on their wedding day this June! And with engagement pictures like these, can’t y’all just imagine their wedding photos! Gah! For now though, enjoy a few (actually a lot!) of my favorites from their session last fall!

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