I'm Rachael & welcome to my ever evolving corner of the internet! Here you'll find resources for brands and brides, as well as a peek into my life!


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I'm Rachael & welcome to my ever evolving corner of the internet! Here you'll find resources for brands and brides, as well as a peek into my life!

Springfield Engagement Pictures at Snyder Park | Steven & Taylor


There have been so many gorgeous engagement session hitting the blog this fall and this one is no exception! Steven and Taylor are such naturals! It only took a few minutes and a walk through the posing system for me to learn that they could tackle whatever I threw their way and have so much fun while doing it! We joked that they hit “posing 3.0” within the first thirty minutes, which doesn’t happen too often! I don’t even think that I could be that advanced! But, their session was so much more than just a whole lot of pretty pictures! Getting to know these two and discovering how adventurous they are made it that much better!

Steven and Taylor technically met in high school, but they didn’t start dating until after they were freshmen in college at Ohio State. In Taylor’s words, “we’ve been together ever since”! After almost six years of dating, Steven planned to propose while they were camping with his family this summer! They set out on a hike up the mountain with their puppies in two and when they reached the top, Steven bent down on his knee and asked Taylor to marry him! So sweet! Taylor sent me pictures of their engagement in one of her emails and I loved seeing how it happened! It brought such life to the story!

Like I mentioned before, these two are posing pros! But beyond that, I just loved the genuineness of their personalities that shines through the camera! You can just see the joy they share when they’re together! And not just in one, but in all of them! We started out their session with their adorable puppies, who did quite well! Dogs can kind of be like kids when it comes to taking pictures! They’re either having it or they’re not and you can definitely tell when they’re not! But! Steven and Taylor’s pups did so well and I loved getting to meet them and love on them for a minute!

I have so many favorites from their session! And it was so hard to choose! But I hope you enjoy scrolling through a few! Steven and Taylor, I can’t wait for your wedding at Polen Farm next fall! Celebrating your marriage and getting to spend the day documenting each minute makes me so excited!

See! Their pups did so well! I still don’t know how we got both of them to look at the camera at the same time!  That tree! Low lying limbs are a love of mine! Taylor, you’re GORGEOUS! Taylor walked on this with heels! Y’all! I tripped and I was wearing flats! See! Low limbs! *all the heart eyes!* What you can’t see in this is that that’s just a little sliver of land right there and then it drops off down to the parking lot! I was so excited when they said they’d venture out there! Totally worth it! This black and white! One of my favorites! That light! I’m pretty sure I was squealing just a little when that gorgeousness peeked through the clouds! And I’m sure that they were laughing at me just a bit! Y’all! You’re adorable!

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