I'm Rachael & welcome to my ever evolving corner of the internet! Here you'll find resources for brands and brides, as well as a peek into my life!


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I'm Rachael & welcome to my ever evolving corner of the internet! Here you'll find resources for brands and brides, as well as a peek into my life!

Planning Your Brand Session Wardrobe


One of the hardest parts of planning any kind of photoshoot is tackling the age old question: “what do I wear?”. Even more so, when you’re planning a session for your brand, it can be difficult to envision what outfits you actually want to wear that look great on you AND channel the aesthetic of your brand. If you find yourself struggling with any of those things, I’ve pulled together a 4 step process that will help you nail the wardrobe for your next shoot!

  1. Gather inspiration
  2. Start with the basics
  3. Infuse your personality
  4. Pair it all together


Let’s break these down!

Gather Inspiration

Take to Pinterest and curate a board that not only reflects your personal style, but also your brand’s style. And in that process I want you to focus on more than clothes. Think about where you want your brand to go. Remember the saying, “dress for success”? That’s what we’re trying to do here. I don’t want the inspiration for your brand style to be filled with ideas that will go with your current brand, I want you to look for inspiration for where you want your brand to go! If you’d like ideas or a start on what a board like this might look like, check out mine HERE.

Start with The Basics

We’ve got the inspiration, now it’s time to bring it to life. Starting with – basics. Basics are considered to be the staples of your wardrobe, the things you go to over and over again and never go out of style. Basing the core of your brand session style on these things will help you to not just choose trendy clothes that you regret wearing six months down the road (been there, done that! Learn from my mistake.) Some of my favorite basics to include are a good pair of medium washed jeans, neutral tops (whites, creams, grays, etc.) and then I pull in a jacket or two of a neutral tone that will layer well. Once you’ve got your stack of basics ready to go, you can now move on to the next step!

Personality Pieces

Obviously, my closet and inspiration are not only full of basics, but I have a few personality pieces that just scream “my brand” that I love including on brand sessions! One that you’ll see flooding mine is a good felt hat! Specifically, GigiPip. (I’m low key obsessed with their entire collection.) I use these pieces to bring character to my “basics” and add in the fun or unique elements of my brand and in turn make my images stand out! Personality could look like a fun jacket or blazer, a graphic tee or a pair of overalls! For you, it might include some brightly colored options to show your vibrant and fun brand? Or a classic dress with flowing fabric that channels the elegance of Europe? Or maybe a more fashion forward piece that makes your brand feel more editorial?

Pull it All Together

Now, let’s pull it all together! Let me tell you, my process for this is not glamorous. It’s actually super messy, but it gets the job done! I start by throwing all my “on brand” options onto my bed in my room. From there, I begin picking out the things I actually want to use. Using those basic options to give my outfits shape and then infuse them with the personality pieces to add character. Once I determine my options, I then start laying things on the floor and pairing the actual outfit options together. When the bed is empty and the outfits are all laid out in piles on the ground, I add the jewelry, shoes and general accessories that pair with each and snap a photo of them so that I remember what goes with what. The last thing is to take all those pictures and plug them into an album in your phone and then send that to your photographer! And it’s as simple as that!


Feeling empowered to go tackle your next photo session wardrobe now? I hope so! Brand sessions can be intimidating and choosing outfits for them is just the icing on that overwhelmingly large cake! But, this step by step process of seeking inspiration, bringing it back to the basics, infusing your personality and then pairing it together, should empower you to go and just start! And… not feel like you need to completely overhaul your current wardrobe to get photos taken!

Alright! Let’s do this thing! Remember, if you ever have any questions or need additional tips and tricks as you plan for your own outfits for your photoshoot, don’t hesitate to reach out! Follow along on Instagram (here) and shoot me a DM! You don’t have to go at this alone!

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