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                                 Hello, and welcome to my little online home! I'm Rachael Leigh and I am a wedding and senior portrait photographer in Southwest Ohio! I do hope that you will grab a cup of coffee and enjoy viewing some of my latest work and getting a little sneak peek into life behind the scenes! 

September 9, 2019

Carefree & Natural Senior Pictures at Caesar Creek in Ohio

Maddie and her cute self graced my camera lens on Tuesday and my oh my, this gal rocked it! She is a bubbly ray of sunshine that can spread her rays to brighten anyones day and she sure did that for me! I think we could spent hours upon hours strolling, hiking and just exploring the beauty of Caesar Creek! And there wouldn’t have been a dull moment! Maddie has that way of making anyone feel like a long lost friend!

She told me in her questionnaire that, in terms of style, she was pretty much the queen of basics! That resinated with me . . . and also with this location! Her simple, jean and a white tee look really brought out the greens at this waterside, rocky shoreline! And I just felt like she was her best self! The wind wasn’t always on our side, cue late summer, but we were totally thankful for the breeze and I think that we could’ve dubbed it “Beyonc√© wind” a few times because it added that extra dose of fabulous to Maddie’s wavy/curly hair!

So! Fun fact Maddie, actually found me through the insta profile of my first photography mentor, Cyrissa! And then she dished out the best story! See! Maddie was actually in Cyrissa’s art class in elementary school and became apart of a photography club that Cyrissa put together! She calls Maddie her first intern! Which is crazy how that all comes full circle! We definitely chatted about our fun times with Cyrissa throughout her session and then all things photos, of course! The more we chatted the more we just realized that this world is a small place! Totally in a good way, though!

All right! Enough of my chattering! You’re here for the photos, right? Well, in true Rachael fashion, I’ve got too many favorites! But I’m sure that you won’t mind as you scroll through and just witness how genuine this beauty is! Enjoy, friends!

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