I sort of stumbled into owning a business, kind of like Elle Woods heading to Harvard, with a heart full of ideals and one goal in mind - except mine was a life-by-my-design and not trying to win back my jilted love.

Come to mention it, that’s also the funny thing about my relationship with photography. I wasn’t the born with a camera in my hand type who always knew this would be her destiny. More like born to be creative with an ever changing media. The camera just landed in my hands at the right time.

i'd rather make a living, just being myself

Pivoting to being a brand photographer took much of the same type of turn.

in the numbers
scoops of ice cream eaten in one day
books on my list
shots of espresso on the daily

Following a patch-worked plan templated from my heroes in the wedding industry, I quickly worked my way up to a full calendar of clients I loved and was creating art I was proud of. 

While I was busy photographing weddings and portraits, I found myself also equally as enthralled with design and branding. I binged courses on that stuff just as much as everything my heroes put into existence and so when a hairstylist friend asked me to swap brand photos for my regular cut and color [circa 2017] I enthusiastically said yes. 

What I didn’t know when I stepped into that role for the first time was that it was really the answer to a burning question within that would be answered by a full business pivot two years later.

Kind of like my journey into business, a brand isn’t always the most clear-cut and straightforward. They evolve and shift and change as your business grows and at times, it takes an outside force to help you advance onto the next stage.

For me, that was an entire pivot in my business to now serving creatives like you. Stewarding the vision you've poured your life into and by creating brand photos that clear up your audience's understanding while giving you back the time you've spent patch-working together a marketing plan from photos you've been using for a long while.

what my clients say

"She brings structure and order to what can feel like creative chaos. Somehow, bringing it all together in the end! It's different and magical and impressive and albeit, an enigma"

- rekindle communications

"Rachael made things so seamless . . . As a photographer myself, it can be hard to hand over control to someone else during a shoot but I felt so at ease. "

- abby waller

"She had a genuine enthusiasm and for what I'm trying to create and I felt like she was another person on my team."

- rachael adams