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photos that tell your story in a genuine & purposeful way

I partner with both brands & brides to catch their vision and create intentional imagery that tells their story & celebrates who they are in a genuine way

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Essentially in my desperate search for the perfect life plan, I subconsciously copied someone else’s. the thing is. It never fit right. 

My journey began in a search for purpose and has landed in a pursuit of freedom. I went from a perfectly crafted plan geared toward all the things that were wrong for me, to a life of uncertainty that has lead to a career I love.

I wasn’t the girl who knew what she wanted to be her whole life, until I was sixteen. And at that point, without realizing it, “my” plan was actually a carbon copy of what my mom’s looked like. Essentially in my desperate search for the "perfect" plan, I copied someone else’s. But the thing is. That life was never meant for me. 

It wasn't until I embraced my story that I actually began to dream and see purpose again.

i'd rather make a living, just being myself

Yeah, you heard it right. I'm the girl who didn't know I wanted to be a photographer until I was one. Welcome to my ever evolving corner of the internet!

I believe all stories are worth telling, no matter how insignificant your's might feel.
Trust me, the world doesn't need another "Pinterest worthy" photo of you holding coffee. Or a stereotypical wedding photo. It needs YOU. And your story.

If you're anything like me, you have big plans. A vision that just has to come to life. Even if it takes all the iced coffee to make it happen.

And because of that, you find yourself wearing a whole lot of hats. Which makes things all too complicated. Because while simultaneously juggling all the things, you're somehow supposed to also have a life. ha! 

Lemme tell you a little secret -- it doesn't have to be so complicated.

There is a simpler way. And that's why I'm a brand and wedding photographer. I get to partner with both brands & brides to create pretty photos, yeah.

But really, I'm the friend who comes alongside you to just make things more simple and give you some clarity so you don't keep getting lost in the sauce.

i'm rachael & i wear a lot of hats, too

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what my clients say

my photos with Rachael are a more elevated version of myself, while still looking like me!

- amy grace monograms

"Booking Rachael for our wedding day was hands down the best decision I made. She is the sweetest, down to earth, personable, professional, and talented photographer that we are blessed to be able to call our friend."

 megan - a Rachael Leigh Bride

You bring SO much personality into shoots. I feel like my brand is being represented in every pic. You take the time to dive into each business and their needs, rather than typical headshots and poses. 

grace - letcha light shine

"Rachael is an absolute delight to work with. I was a ball of anxiety my wedding day and Rachael’s genuine kindness made me feel comfortable and and at ease."

Kate - a rachael leigh bride

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people will forget what you said & what you did, but never forget the way you made them feel.

adventure is out there

There's always something more to discover. You're never too old or too young to be a student of life.

Work to live; 
not the other way around

Perhaps the greatest risk any of us will ever take is to be seen as we really are

there's always a seat at the table

every season is iced coffee season

the best things in life aren't things

All of my dreams for life had been directed toward being an elementary school teacher like my momma! But then, God inserted himself into my perfect detailed road map and decided I wasn't meant for a classroom. (and thank the Lord for that!)

Fast forward a few months and just imagine 16 year old me watching with wide, aspiring eyes as my dad revealed a new camera he had intended for mom. Let's just say, she never really learned how to use that thing.

I DIY'd my way to figuring out that camera. Launched myself into the business world. And it felt all too overwhelming for an 18 year old fresh outta high school.

Now. Four years into this thing, I've realized . . . My journey began in a search for purpose.

God called me out of my classroom aspirations and a self imposed life plan geared toward all the things that were wrong for me. It's easy to copy someone else's plan. The hard thing? Well that's being brave enough to figure out your own.

That's why I'm passionate about helping brands clarify their own story and broadcast it to the world through intentional, branded imagery.

We need you to bring your uniqueness to the table.

Until the day I picked up the new Nikon my parents had ordered, I never intended to become a photographer. 

the full story

let's do that together

"Finding the right person to capture your special day is no easy task, but once I found Rachael the whole process was so easy. Not only is she amazingly talented, she is also so kind! We are so blessed to have had her as our photographer and you will be too!"