"just a girl who's deciding to go for it"



I can’t tell you that I’ve been the girl who’s always had a camera in her hand or dreamed of this job for years. And I’m sure in your search for a photographer you’ve read about pages rich with those themes. For me, I kinda just stumbled into this. I didn’t know I wanted to be a photographer until I was one. You can read my entire story below. But, I mention this because I know I'm different. I know that what you'll read from me and see from me isn't what you see from everyone else. And I like that. I'm not a one-size-fits-all photographer and you're not a one-size-fits-all bride. You have a vision for your wedding and I want to come alongside you and make that happen. So, let's journey together and we'll become friends along the way, guaranteed!

I believe that life is more about the journey than the destination. Adventure is out there and you don’t have to go too far to find it. Sunshine and laughter can cure pretty much anything. There’s always room for ice cream, popcorn counts as dinner and I’m probably the girl who’ll tell you that the book is better than the movie and then give you all the reasons why. I thank books for my wanderlust and turning me into a hopeless romantic. And my joy, passion and love stem right from the main source, my sweet Savior, Jesus. Everything I do, every move I make, it's all to glorify Him.

let me tell you a little about the gal behind the camera

You've probably scrolled through a few of these type of pages by now. And let me guess, they're all starting to look the same. You've scoured the internet in search of a photographer and all your Pinterest ideals are starting to go down the drain. You just want someone who fits your style, who you can trust and, honestly, someone you could actually be friends with! It's exhausting! But, can I speak through all the tabs you have open and offer a word of encouragement? You're rocking it! Honestly, the fact that you're here right now is proof of that! So, I invite you to relax and let me see if I can help you with that massive load of planning you have to do!

but first


I'm the friend who'll encourage you to grab an extra scoop of ice cream. the "mom" of the group who'll have way too much stuff, but is always prepared when a crisis rolls around. And always quick to encourage and come alongside you.


Lifelong learner is something my mom instilled in me from the beginning. I boldly pursue that principle by never letting myself be content with what I know now. There's always something more to discover. you're never too old or to young to be a student of life.

pen enthusiast

In school, I wrote spelling words and definitions in cursive EVERYDAY. Some thought I was crazy, but sheer determination to improve my handwriting shook off the haters. Now, I obsess over all things handlettering with micron and ball point pens. If they smear, they're nowhere near me!


"someone who is older than the age of 7 and is still in love with Prince Charming. A person like this would be able to list every song in every Disney movie. " - Urban Dictionary

adventurous homebody

A sense of adventure keeps my list of bucket-list destinations growing everyday. I long to see the world, but something inside me also loves the comfort of my own bed and the familiarity of home. so, I'll forever be stuck between an intense desire of wanderlust while fully being a homebody.


Self-proclaimed booknerd who has a history of rebelling as a girl who burned the midnight oil by her childhood nightlight while dreaming of distant lands through the pages of books. 

my support system, source of crazy ideas and the people I love most. I couldn't do this business or this life without them.



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There's always room for ice cream. No exceptions to that rule! Once, I couldn't decide between two flavors, so I just got both! And I'm pretty proud of that fact!

ice cream


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spur of the moment nights sleeping in a hammock with friends, exploring a new town with no plan at all or just strolling and enjoying God's creation. however big or small the adventure, i'm up for it!


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my entire wardrobe could be summed up with those two words. should I wear more color? probably. will it happen, most likely not.

stripes & neutrals


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add some shredded cheese and you've discovered my favorite dinner option! there are two things I always have extra room for: popcorn & ice cream. *bonus points if eaten at the same time!*

popcorn for dinner


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pen & paper, please! call me old fashioned, but there's just something about the way the ink glides across the page and scribbling out mistakes; typing on a laptop just doesn't do it for me!

pen & paper


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whether it's in the pages of a book or the ones you hear from your grandparents, stories have always fascinated me. there's just something about the ups and downs and the journey 



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All of my dreams for life had been directed toward being an elementary school teacher like my momma! But then, God inserted himself into my perfect detailed road map and decided I was not meant for a classroom. He gave me one word, "ministry" and left it at that. Fast forward a few months and just imagine a 16 year old girl watching with wide and aspiring eyes as her daddy revealed a new camera he had intended for his wife, but little did he know that God was awakening a passion in the heart of his daughter!

My journey into photography wasn’t conventional, I had no formal education, and I lived on a dream of loving people and being able to step into their lives as a friend who preserves some of the most important memories! God called me out of my classroom aspirations and created a vision in my heart of being a photographer. Now fueled by coffee and the love of my Savior, I passionately serve couples and high school seniors by creating beautiful representations of how they felt and of who they are! 

the full story

Until the day I picked up the new Nikon my parents had ordered, I never intended to become a photographer. 

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katelyn james workshop

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I may not have earned my degree in photography, but here's a peek into the workshops & trainings I've attended from the best in the industry.