- Louisa May Alcott

"You have so many extraordinary gifts; How can you expect to live an ordinary life?"

I’m a believer that life is an adventure and you are meant to enjoy it thoroughly! It’s my honor to use my little Nikon to continually serve and meet couples and high school seniors here in Southwest Ohio! At heart, I’m a homebody who loves some warm sunshine, a classic story, and ice cream. I dream of traveling to the list of destinations that have cultivated my imagination through the pages of books, with England and Prince Edward Island being at the top! I believe that laughter is the best medicine, joy is immeasurable, and that each person has unique, God-given gifts and talents that are just waiting to change the world! Jesus is my ultimate inspiration and the reason that I can live and love the way I do!

I’m Rachael! A blonde, fun lovin’, Jesus filled wedding and senior portrait photographer for the ever so joyful couple in love! 

Hi there, friend!

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All of my dreams for life at that point had pointed to being an elementary school teacher like my momma! But then, God inserted himself into my perfect little road map and decided that I was meant to pursue Him full time and spread his love to the people around me through ministry! Fast forward a few months and you can just imagine a 16 year old girl watching with wide and aspiring eyes as her daddy revealed a new camera he had intended for his wife, but little did he know that God was awakening a passion in the heart of his daughter!

My journey with photography wasn’t conventional, I had no education, and I lived on just a dream of loving people and being able to step into their lives as a friend who preserves some of the most important memories of their lives! God called me out of my classroom aspirations and created a vision in my heart of being a photographer. Now fueled by coffee and the love of my Savior, I passionately serve couples and high school seniors by creating beautiful representations of how they felt and of who they are! 

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Until the day I picked up that brand new Nikon my parents had ordered, I had never intended to become a photographer.