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From dancing in the kitchen to running around in the pasture, I’m pretty sure we covered every square inch of their charming piece of home in these engagement pictures! Brandon and Kalyn have the cutest little farmhouse, complete with the sweetest and energetic dog ever! Their fun-loving personalities made me feel so welcome from the […]

In-Home Engagement Pictures in Dayton, Ohio | Brandon & Kalyn

Do you know how fun it is to write an email and address it to a gal who has the same name as you? And who spells it the same way! Well, I didn’t know the joy it until Rachael and I began emailing about their cute vintage wedding coming up in January! I remember […]

Hyde Park & Ault Park Engagement Pictures in Cincinnnati, Ohio | Luke & Rachael

I’ve got to admit, blogging has not been my strong suit over the last few months! Between quarantine and Covid-19 reschedules, life has been a bit crazy around here! But, I’m super glad to be able to share all the beautiful portraits I got to create between May and June! Beginning with Kyle and Jessica’s […]

Ault Park Cincinnati Engagement Pictures | Kyle & Jessica

It was so fun to get back into the swing of shooting with my couples this year! Winter can be super depressing when you’re a photographer because the cold temps prevent us from getting to freely go outside and shoot like we do in all the other seasons! Thankfully though, I’ve got some great Rachael […]

Slate Run Park Engagement Pictures in Columbus, Ohio | Chad & Brooke

Winter sessions are tough. I’m not going to lie. Between the cold temps and shortage of leaves, they kind of just lack everything that typically makes my photographer heart skip a beat! This day on the other hand, may have begun to redeem the winter season for me. One word: snow. I’ve not gotten the […]

Snow Engagement Pictures at Caesar Creek State Park & Lebanon, Ohio | Cameron & Karissa

I think you know by now that I’m pretty partial to engagement sessions! There’s just something about getting together with my couples prior to their wedding day and just having some time to get to know one another and create some beautiful images! One of the best things is that they can include places and […]

Eden Park Engagement Pictures in Cincinnati, Ohio | Grant & Katie

It was one of the warmer fall days that happen in Ohio. I met Thomas and Caroline in the Historic Neighborhoods of the Oregon District in Dayton and we honestly couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful night! Between the sunshine and the hint of fall colors, it was just perfect! More than that though, […]

Oregon District and Eastwood Metropark Engagement Pictures in Dayton, Ohio | Thomas & Caroline

  Each time I get to photograph an engagement session, it lights my fire. Let me explain. I get to spend at least an hour and a half with one of my Rachael Leigh Couples. We laugh, we find out what we have in common, we share stories, we learn about our families, we become […]

Springtime Carriage Hill Engagement Pictures in Dayton Ohio | Luke & Jessie

When I met Trent and Sarah for the first time, we talked for over two hours. No joke. We sat in my favorite coffee shop, Triple Moon, with an iced latte in hand and got to know one another so well! I can still see the excitement on Sarah’s face as she dished out all […]

Union Terminal and Eden Park Engagement Pictures in Cincinnati | Trent & Sarah

The more that I photograph engagement pictures at Carriage Hill Metropark, the more I fall in love with it! Michael and Kacie’s session there on Saturday morning was absolutely beautiful! We picked it because Kacie wanted to honor her grandfather who spent many days fishing with her on the lake in his neighborhood. Carriage Hill […]

Spring Engagement Pictures at Carriage Hill in Dayton Ohio | Michael & Kacie

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