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Sometimes I still have a “pinch me” moment when I look back on this shoot. The day that Rachael’s inquiry rolled into my inbox, I was so stoked. She’s a retired pro athlete and Olympic bronze medalist turned mentor for young athletes looking to blaze a path similar to the one she’s walked. Talk about […]

Rachael Adams of Journey Strength | Columbus Brand Shoot

Kathy and I became instant friends in a mastermind group at the beginning of last year and ever since then, I had the vision for this shoot brewing in my mind. She’s a stellar copywriter and has poured her heart and genius into a brand that creates a place where clients can come, slow down, […]

Rekindle Communications | Phoenix Brand Shoot

“We do the same thing for people, just with different vehicles to make it happen.” – What an opening line. Katie made that statement mid conversation during our pre-shoot planning call. It’s one of those that makes you go wait wait wait, say that again, I gotta write that down. Lines like that have the […]

Brand Photos for Ohio Website Designer | Abundant Collab Co.

Brand sessions are planned for all sorts of reasons. Whether that’s a full blown rebrand or adding a new service/team member or curating a full library of custom photos for the first time. In Ashley’s case, her session factored in all of the above. Ashley is a nutritionist and intuitive eating coach who helps women […]

Nutritionist Brand Photos in Dayton, Ohio | Nutrition with Ashley

On a recent interview for her Behind the Business series on YouTube, my friend Manali asked this question: “What would you say are the 3 main pillars in a strong brand & presence?” – the episode just dropped if you want to tune into the entire conversation! But, you might be surprised by the answer […]

The 3 Pillars That Define A Strong Brand

When it comes to planning a shoot for your brand, one of the most crucial decisions you have to make is the WHERE. The location sets the stage for your entire brand shoot. It puts you in the place where we can literally bring your brand to life and honestly, determines how believable your brand […]

The Best Locations for Your Brand Shoot

Mary is a natural storyteller. It stems from her love of literature. Inspired her first career choice as an english teacher and now it empowers her to tell the stories of families through her beautiful photography! She has this incredible knack of paying attention to the little details and articulating them in a way that […]

Brand Photos for a Portrait Photographer in Cincinnati, Ohio | Mary Wiet Photography

When choosing a location for a brand shoot, the first place I tell my clients to look is their own home! And for Kylie, I’m so glad she took a chance on using a few corners of home as the backdrop for her brand photographs! Between her home office, living room, an empty bedroom, and […]

Brand Photos for Wedding Photographer in Cincinnati, OH | Kylie Lynn Photography

I’m pretty sure I leapt for joy when Kate reached out to me at the end of this last summer to plan a brand photoshoot! For starters, she’s the most incredible artist and I had fallen in love with both her work as a clay maker and all the unique designs she creates for her […]

Artisan Brand Photos in Dayton, Ohio | Abundant Life Co.

One of the hardest parts of planning any kind of photoshoot is tackling the age old question: “what do I wear?”. Which looks more like scrolling hopefully through Pinterest gathering ideas. Then thumbing through your closet that suddenly starts to feel strangely inadequate [and empty]. So you begin perusing online and before long you’ve got […]

Your Brand Shoot Wardrobe Guide

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