hey dreamer, lemme grab your attention

For some reason though, you're feeling like the current brand you have just doesn't fit anymore. That you've grown past it and can't go it alone anymore. Or what's worse, it's not speaking to who you need it to.

Do you ever get tired of all the about pages & IG posts summed up in tacos, coffee & Friday introductions?
yeah, me too. There's enough headshots out there of people holding tightly to a coffee & laughing to the side to last an eternity. 

What you need is a library of images that don't just show people who you are, but also what you do and how you're different. Let's show off your story through intentional and cohesive imagery that leaves your ideal client saying I want to work with them!

you're a driven business owner who knows their stuff. i don't need to tell you that you need a unique brand.

it's evident

"I feel like my brand is being represented in every pic. You take the time to dive into each business and their needs, rather than typical headshots."

welcome to my corner

the photog & strategist who believes photos should be both pretty & purposeful

Since I stumbled into this whole photography thing, I didn't think I had a story to tell.

Comparison hit me like a freight train & in an effort to find some sort of success, I pulled together a copycat brand of all the "right things".

The thing is. The right thing for one, is not the right thing for all.

It's easy to copy someone else's plan. The hard thing? Well that's being brave enough to figure out your own.

That's why I'm passionate about helping brands clarify their own story and broadcast it to the world through intentional, branded imagery.

It's time to bring your uniqueness to the table.
And stand out from the crowd.

let's do that together

i'm Rachael



02. in-depth questionnaire

03. pre-shoot planning meeting

04. brand session guide

05. shoot day

06. put those photos to work

01. consult call

True brand photography takes stock of everything your brand has been up until now, pairs that with a vision and becomes the vehicle that will take your brand into the future.

And. That's not something that can be created during just a photoshoot.

Instead, it's gleaned through an entire comprehensive experience tailored to your business and brand.  Here's how it'll go:

Investments begin at $1150

"She took the time to get my vision and ideas locked in before the day of the shoot."

Rachael was an absolute dream to work with for my branding session. She took the time to get my vision and ideas locked in before the day of the shoot.

She had a detailed plan (beautiful, physical copy no less) to make me feel confident and organized when it came time for her to shoot! I would absolutely recommend Rachael 10x over and can't wait to work with her again in the future!

abundant life co.

artist & maker

"She has helped me to take my business to the next level"

Rachael has helped to transform my brand and website through her amazing photography. I have been lucky enough to work with her on several brand shoots, and I always come away with more than I anticipated.

Rachael has such a gift and has really helped my e-commerce business grow through her photography. She is helped me to take my business to the next level and make my website and product photography more professional. I am so thankful for her!

amy grace monograms


"She will guide you every step of the way in figuring out what photos you need for you."

Rachael has been such a bright and professional guide for me as I've built my business. She captured the photos I needed to launch my web and social media presence. Rachael is enthusiastic, encouraging and inspiring!

She will guide you every step of the way in figuring out what photos you need for you and your needs. I can't wait to work with Rachael again for future photo shoots. 

amanda zurface

coach & content creator

She'll make sure that your brand comes to life through all the details & the time that she spends with you. 

I LOVED my experience with Rachael! Not only did she help me better visualize my brand, she made it come to life! From helping me pick outfits and locations to making sure my hair was in place, Rachael perfected every detail. Her presence on the day of my branding session was such a light and she was full of joy. She constantly encouraged me and helped me become more confident in front of the camera!

If you need branding photos for your business, BOOK RACHAEL, you won’t regret it. She'll make sure that your brand comes to life through all the details and the time that she spends with you. She truly cares about you and making the most of your brand. She's changing the game!!!

monica ann photography

wedding & lifestyle photographer


Rachael is a very talented and knowledgeable brand photographer. Prior to my session, she worked to nail down key aspects of my business which she used to create a detailed list of photos. She also provided great advice on outfit choices and prop ideas.

During the session, she was a helpful guide, giving posing directions and tips often. She was so fun and such a joy to work with during the shoot, like having an old friend behind the camera. And, the photos she delivered were absolutely stunning. I will definitely be using her again in the future.




Rachael does amazing work. She took beautiful photos of my farmhouse. So beautiful that they featured them on Farmhouse Tours! The quality of her photos is beyond any photographer I have worked with.

She not only can do photos of the home she is a wonderful wedding photographer. She is coming out to take pictures of my wedding venue next. I cant wait to see what she does. Her artistic ability with the camera is truly a gift. If you are looking for hands down the best photographer I have ever worked with definitely use Rachael.


Airbnb & wedding venue

"The preparation that went into the shoot before the day gave me confidence that we were nailing my vision on the head!"

i need this

03. strategy

01. planning

02. styling

Purposeful brand photos require intentional planning. That's why I've created a method that helps me catch both your story & vision. Then we pull together inspiration & curate a gameplan that actually makes those purposeful photos possible.

Once we've compiled all the ideas at your planning meeting, I step in to help you style the session. Whether it's choosing locations, combing through props or helping make the final outfit call. I become your right hand gal as we create a space for your brand to come to life.

A library of images without a plan will just leave you as lost as you were before. That's where strategy comes in. I not only help you create the photos, but also empower you to use them by crafting a plan that's unique to your story & brand. So that way, you actually get to take your brand where you want it to go.

bringing your brand to life requires just a little curation

because your new photos shouldn't just sit in your gallery without a plan

because pretty & purposeful photos don't just happen on their own

what i help with

"I felt like my photos with you are a more elevated version of my brand, while still looking like me!"

need this asap

frequently asked

Q: what is a brand photography?

A: Brand Photography is a curated and cohesive, visual representation of the experience your business provides. Which encompasses more than just what a headshot or a collection of product photos can give you.

It's a library of images that includes a variety of different types of photography that doesn't just show who you are. Instead brand photography highlights who you are, what you do and how you're differently.

True brand photography takes stock of everything your brand has been up until now, pairs that with a vision and becomes the vehicle that will take your brand into the future.

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Q: will you help plan the session?

A: The short answer, yes! I believe your brand photos should be both pretty & purposeful. Since I promise that The Brand Experience comes a library of images that are both those things, I've created a system that takes a deep dive into your brand's story and vision in order to create photos that are unique to you and make you stand out from the crowd. 

This all happens in a planning meeting prior to the actual session where we'll nail down locations, concept ideas, an extensive shot list as well as answer any/all questions you might have.

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Q: do you style & pose during the session?

A: Of course! Being in front of the camera can be awkward for everyone, including me! So, I do my best throughout your session to give clear direction and instruction to ensure you never ask "what do I do with my hands!"

Because brand photography is so curated, we must take the time to style and create what your brand looks like in the locations you choose, photos we plan and flat lays we style. If you aren't confident to do this on your own, don't worry! I also intentionally take time to select and curate what's included in each image to ensure it's exactly as it should be!

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Q: how long does it take to get the photos?

A: I request at least two weeks to curate, edit and upload your photos. This just gives me plenty of time to guarantee that your images are perfect! I hand select and edit each one to make sure it represents your brand well and that it is of the utmost quality. Expedited image delivery is available at an extra fee.

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Q: what's a strategy meeting?

A: Once you receive your full gallery of images, it can feel a little overwhelming. That's why with every Brand Experience, I give the option of a post-session strategy meeting. We'll review both your gallery and current marketing strategy and come up with a comprehensive plan on how and where to use your new branded imagery most effectively! Let me help you take the stress out of planning all the things and let you get back to serving your people well and doing what you love in your business!

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Q: what's in the brand session guide?

A: Once we've compiled created the vision for your shoot and paired it with an inspiration board, I take the time to create your Brand Session Guide (creative brief)!

This includes a detailed timeline, shot list, mood board for each location, prop list and it lays out anything else we might need throughout your session.

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Q: how do brand photos actually tell my story?

A: Remember, your brand is simply an experience. When someone come's in contact with your business, they encounter & remember your brand.

All brand photography does is take stock of the stories you're already telling. And your story is really just showing people who you are, what you do, why you do it and how you do it different that someone else.

Then we pair all that with your vision/dreams for the future. And together come up with concept ideas & images that empower you to get to where you want to go.

And voila! You've there's your story-filled & purposeful brand imagery.

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