I'm Rachael & welcome to my ever evolving corner of the internet! Here you'll find resources for brands and brides, as well as a peek into my life!


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I'm Rachael & welcome to my ever evolving corner of the internet! Here you'll find resources for brands and brides, as well as a peek into my life!

Brand Photos for a Portrait Photographer in Cincinnati, Ohio | Mary Wiet Photography


Mary is a natural storyteller. It stems from her love of literature. Inspired her first career choice as an english teacher and now it empowers her to tell the stories of families through her beautiful photography! She has this incredible knack of paying attention to the little details and articulating them in a way that feels so magical. It’s why her mantra is “never miss a moment” and why her brand photos were destined to feel classic and timeless with hints of old-world Paris that exude the same feeling as the worlds of her favorite books.

One of the coolest things I learned about Mary’s business model was the fact that she has curated an entire closet of gowns for her mom clients to choose from for their shoots with her! Isn’t that genius? We all know that moms are better at taking the photos rather than being in them. So, not only does Mary take the time to create an environment where genuine memories can both happen and be documented, but she also holds space for mamas to feel and look beautiful and have those tangible moments to carry on for years to come. I just think that’s the coolest.

The main goal we had in mind for Mary’s shoot was to give her a workable library of images that elevated her brand as a whole. She has crafted this incredible experience and it was just waiting to be celebrated and showed off in these brand portraits.

While walking through the planning process for her shoot, Mary was able to clear up a few things about her brand that had seemed muddy before. And really, it just became a permission slip for her to own all the parts of her brand she knew were there all along. Like her love for books and dreams of visiting Paris and its refined, elegant culture. Both of those are huge inspiration pieces that drove a lot of the outfit inspiration and location choices for our shoot!

Partnering with Mary to bring her brand to life through these photographs was such a joy! And I hope you’re able to get a glimpse into who she is, what she does and how she’s different as you scroll through the photos below!

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