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Alternate title: I am multi-passionate, just not necessarily in my business. I started this business so that I can live a multi-passionate life – investing my time in the places that matter most. In a mastermind program with Shanna Skidmore last year, she deposited a bit of insight [more like a shining beam of light […]

A single-minded business built for a multi-passionate life

Brand photographer taking photos for a copywriter

What Is Brand Photography? If we’re rollin’ with the default answer I dish out to the average coffee-shop goer who asks what I do, I’d start with – brand photography could be described as a small business’s take on traditional, commercial photography. Now that the small business realm has officially taken up long-term residence in […]

What is Brand Photography & Why is it Important for My Small Business?

Sometimes I still have a “pinch me” moment when I look back on this shoot. The day that Rachael’s inquiry rolled into my inbox, I was so stoked. She’s a retired pro athlete and Olympic bronze medalist turned mentor for young athletes looking to blaze a path similar to the one she’s walked. Talk about […]

Rachael Adams of Journey Strength | Columbus Brand Shoot

Kathy and I became instant friends in a mastermind group at the beginning of last year and ever since then, I had the vision for this shoot brewing in my mind. She’s a stellar copywriter and has poured her heart and genius into a brand that creates a place where clients can come, slow down, […]

Rekindle Communications | Phoenix Brand Shoot

“We do the same thing for people, just with different vehicles to make it happen.” – What an opening line. Katie made that statement mid conversation during our pre-shoot planning call. It’s one of those that makes you go wait wait wait, say that again, I gotta write that down. Lines like that have the […]

Brand Photos for Ohio Website Designer | Abundant Collab Co.

Brand sessions are planned for all sorts of reasons. Whether that’s a full blown rebrand or adding a new service/team member or curating a full library of custom photos for the first time. In Ashley’s case, her session factored in all of the above. Ashley is a nutritionist and intuitive eating coach who helps women […]

Nutritionist Brand Photos in Dayton, Ohio | Nutrition with Ashley

On a recent interview for her Behind the Business series on YouTube, my friend Manali asked this question: “What would you say are the 3 main pillars in a strong brand & presence?” – the episode just dropped if you want to tune into the entire conversation! But, you might be surprised by the answer […]

The 3 Pillars That Define A Strong Brand

So, I’m going to go ahead and rip off the bandaid here – You need to be marketing your business in more places than just Instagram in order to have sustainable success. The platform is incredible for cultivating a warm audience and a community around your brand. And that’s why we’re not completely throwing it […]

3 Ways to Market Your Business that Aren’t Instagram

Woman brand photographer holding camera in front of face

A year ago November, I stepped into the identity of brand photography and, what we call in the business realm, a pivot. See. I love being a photographer. Always have. Yet, the long hours of editing and weekends/evenings filled with shoots didn’t quite align with my original intent in starting this business. The mantra I […]

My Pivot to Brand Photography – Embracing What Was Always There

Summing up a year tends to seem insurmountable in words alone. So, this blog entry is an attempt to couple words with photos to give you a good idea of all that 2021 was and why I consider it to be the year I really gained perspective. 2021, you were an interesting one. You’ll be […]

The Year I Gained Perspective – A Reflection on 2021

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