Here you'll find the practical tips and strategies to aid you in growing a strong brand and a profitable, yet sustainable business!


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Here you'll find the practical tips and strategies to aid you in growing a strong brand and a profitable, yet sustainable business!

Artisan Brand Photos in Dayton, Ohio | Abundant Life Co.


I’m pretty sure I leapt for joy when Kate reached out to me at the end of this last summer to plan a brand photoshoot! For starters, she’s the most incredible artist and I had fallen in love with both her work as a clay maker and all the unique designs she creates for her earring line! And her personality shines through as a bright light all over her instagram!

When we hopped on a phone call to talk specifics about what she was looking for and her goals for the shoot, we originally settled on a goal of creating lifestyle content for her to mingle with the photos of her new designs. However, the more we talked, the more my mind raced with ideas for photos that would highlight how she is different from the other makers who create similar products!

See, Kate’s not just in this thing to make cute accessories. Though that’s a huge part of it. She loves creating pieces that embolden women with the confidence to live the abundant life they were made for! And she gets to do that all while being at home with her son rather than in her old 9-5 job! Her aim is always to create unique pieces that aren’t just repeats of the trends floating around. 

So, my mind quickly went to work creating the concepts and visual stories that would embody all of this and give her that elevated visual look to her brand that she craved. This included showcasing 3 main stories: Kate the artisan, the momma, and the fashionista. These stories were weaved throughout each concept to consistently show who Kate is, what she does and how she does her work differently!

And these stories came to life in three overarching concepts that you’ll see played out throughout her session:

  1. All the steps of her behind the scenes creating, curating, and photographing her collections in the backdrop of her home studio. AND having her son pop in for some cuddles and helping mom at work!
  2. A collection of “elevated” personality photos of Kate with a backdrop of a collage wall full of photos, eclectic style inspo and colors that ignite her creativity! 
  3. The final set of cozy working photos to show off the packaging process and promotion through instagram stories & photographing products in her sunroom with her hand-stenciled tile floor! We definitely channeled the more lifestyle look and feel for this set of photos!


Kate, I can’t say thank you enough for letting me be the one to create these photos for your brand! It was so fun to dream together and get to curate a shoot that inspired you and paired seamlessly with the killer brand you’ve already established! I’ve loved seeing you use the photos so much already and may or may not be counting down the days until we get to do it again!

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